Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) - Wings 4 Water

Below are some commonly asked questions:


How do we turn wings into water?

  • Competitors prepare their tastiest wings and serve them to event guests from their designated tent
  • Guests eat wings and vote for their favorites with dollars or tickets they have purchased at the entrance
  • W4W donates all income to clean water and relief efforts

How do we vote for our favorite wings?

Grab a wing tub at the entrance and head to the competitors' tents. Try a wing or two from as many competitors as you wish. Then, decide which competitor you think cooked up the best wings, and vote! Place your money or the tickets you purchased at the entrance of the event in their team bucket. Each dollar or ticket counts as one vote.  The competitor with the most votes by 7:45 pm will be declared this year’s winner.  Note, Wings 4 Water will accept donations after 7:45, but they may not be counted in the official voting.


Do I have to pay to get in?

No. We believe in building community, so we want this event to be available to anyone who wishes to attend. While, we do not charge an entry fee, we do appreciate a donation of $5 or more per person. Please donate to Wings 4 Water at the tent(s) that served your favorite wings!

Do I need cash?

Although cash is easiest, you may use PayPal or credit card via square readers at the entrance of the event to purchase tickets that you may then use to vote.  Each ticket will count as a $1 vote.  Because of square reader fees, we do have a $10 minimum for PayPal or credit card transactions.

Can I bring the kiddos?

Absolutely! This is a family-friendly event, and we will have games set up in the middle of the event, along with family-friendly live music.

Anything else I need to know?

Everybody who donates will receive a bracelet that will entitle the bearer to a discount at fabulous downtown Lee's Summit establishments.  Also, 150 guests may pick up a gift bag before leaving the event. Some lucky gift bags will have gift cards to some great local businesses, and one lucky gift bag will have two tickets to a Chiefs game!

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